Why Traffic Central should be my choice?

We at Traffic Central ensure to maintain our high standard and professionalism. We are the experts in providing the most accurate website traffic at the most affordable prices.


How does Traffic Central work?

We gather the real domain names and genuine people from the numerous websites and applications; currently we have access to over 10,000 networks, each catering to specific market. The networks are visited by more than 10 million people and over 60 million web pages are reviewed on a daily basis. This huge amount of traffic is then directed to your websites.


Do you provide Targeted Traffic?

Yes. With our efficient algorithm we are able to detect and store in the exact location of our visitors. This helps us in providing the country based traffic to our customers. Apart from that customers have 300 categories to choose from for the type of targeted traffic they desire to have on their website.


From where do we generate our traffic?

As mentioned earlier, we collect our database from various real resources such as websites, online applications, domain names. On a daily basis we get millions of visitors on our network and we, via many marketing strategies, direct the required traffic to your web portals.


Will I be able to keep a track of my traffic order?

Of course, after you have placed an order, you will be able to sign in and check the status of your order on our website. For complete and detailed statistics, we will advise you to use Stat Counter; this third party application allows you to keep a check on the real traffic on your website.


Do you provide a guarantee of Sales generation on my website?

No. Although we direct the real traffic to your website but we cannot guarantee any sales generations. There are number of factors that contribute to generation of sales. The quality of product you provide the cost of your product, the design of your website and the time it takes for your website to be loaded. We ensure real visitors and genuine traffic but the responsibility to satisfy them falls solely upon you.


What to expect after submission of the order?

After you have placed your order, it will be delivered to you within 3 days. In case of problem or any issues concerning your order, you will be contacted by our team of experts who will guide you with the process. With just a simple login on our website you will be able to track and check the status of your order.


What is the way to check if my order is delivered or not?

We will advise you to use a third party tracking app to check whether you are receiving the real visitors to your website. Also, after the deliverance of ordered traffic the status of your order will be altered to "Completed".


If my counter traffic app does not track all the traffic I ordered. What must I do?

In order to have the appropriate result, we will suggest you to use Stat Counter ( as it give the most genuine results. We are afraid some of the traffic counting apps may not work with our traffic networks.

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